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Ocular Health Education in West Milford

Dr. Palumbo is often found attending health fairs and educational forums to help people understand what is needed to take care of their eyes.

dr palumbo fair lions clubDr. Palumbo was at the health fair sponsored by the Lions Club held on Saturday May 12, 2018. Medical professionals from all over the area came out to help educate and info people on a variety of important topics. Dr. Palumbo, a Lions Club Member, was on hand to answer questions on a wide range of ocular health topics.







Later, in June, Dr.Palumbo  participated in the West Milford high school health fair that took place on Tuesday June 5,2018 at the gymnasium of the high school.  It was a great opportunity to meet many of the wonderful students and teachers of the community.  The students were very inquisitive and interested in the mechanics of the eyes and glasses and contacts lenses. At her booth she had a portable fundus camera.  The students were eager and waited in line for their photo op!  They were amazed to see photos of the back of their eyes.

palumbo school 3
palumbo school 1
palumbo school 2

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